How Covid Kept Me Out Of Jail

Still a bit stoned on morphine, cute techs, and bitching hot nurses. I got that inappropriate term from Dr. House. Got the morphine from doctor Doogie Howser. I kind of fell threw a deck. Got my prosthetic stuck. Was rescued by the fire department. In other words, typical uneventful day.

I love writing and smoking while stoned. Rum Runner cigars pair well with morohine. So thought to share a memory. Oh, and that there is no longer a warrant for my arrest. Well, not in this country. But I do think there was a warrant for a bit. It was for failure to appear for a hearing. I’d failed to appear for jury duty. Then got the failure to appear warrant for my failure to appear at my hearing for not going to jury duty. Funny story it was.

I did show up at the courthouse for jury duty. I was stopped at the metal detector. There I learned you may not enter with syringes. So I left, called, and tried to explain. Why didn’t I fill out the medical excuse form and have my doctor sign it? You know, like when you miss school? Because I hadn’t planned on staying home, nor did I stay home. I was there early and had no medical excuse. IThey said I would have to have a hearing.

Me: OK, but they wont let me in for that either.
Clerk: If you do not, there will be a warrant issued for your arrest.
Me: OK

I rambled off a letter. I explained federal law prevents the state from discriminating against me as a minority. That the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA) insists I be given ‘reasonable accommodation’ for my disability. In response, they informed me they were in compliance with the ADA because they had a wheel chair ramp and elevators. What that had to do with being insulin dependent, I had not a clue.

True, no wheel chair ramp is to wheel chair dependent folk what ‘no blacks allowed’ is to people of color. But so is no insulin syringes to the insulin dependent. Saying you do not discriminate because you allow some minorities in does not mean you allow all minorities to enter, Insulin dependent diabetics need there insulin. That is why it is called insulin ‘dependent’. So a date was set for my hearing.

Fortunate for me, covid came to the rescue. First my hearing was delayed. Then it was conducted on Zoom video. I explained to the judge I was not allowed to enter and why. He made a phone call to verify the policy, said it will be changed, and dismissed the case saying he had to check his blood sugar.

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