A Home for David and I (pending)

A Home for David and I
Service, Emotional Support, and PTSD Dogs

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You are the final chapter in this book.

Without legs, I could beg a living sitting outside a Walmart. Instead, I would like to support myself as a knife and jewelry maker. I have an established venue at the Kentucky Highlander Renaissance Faire. Unfortunately, there is no place for David and I. You can change that.

My honorable discharge keeps me warm and fed at a VA shelter. Despite being a support animal, David is sheltered with a foster mom. His time is running out. So is mine. I am likely not long for this world. I’d like very much to die besides my beside friend. I do not want him to believe he has been abandoned. You can prevent that.

With your help, this story will have a happy ending.

Help me find a home for David and I. In exchange, I will entertain. I write, revise, and edit David and I entirely online. For as low as $5.00 / month my patrons will be able read and comment on each chapter as written. Your comments will help shape this book in real time. Each chapter will be listed on the right side menu.

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Helping without donating

Want to help but cant afford $5.00 / month? I had a signed lease. I had moved in. I had the electric put on my name but it was not yet turned on. Working with the VA, a social worker tricked me into going back to the shelter until the electric was turned on. Once in the shelter, I was told I was not allowed to return for not having legs. In my records, it is claimed I was removed because the doors were too narrow for my wheel chair. The lease was signed & the VA admits / has records of why I was removed. What the VA did is immoral, unethical, and illegal. If you can not spare $5.00, make a few phone calls. Call and let your opinion be known. Call who? Call everyone.

My legal name is Andrew Schlomann. I am a patient at the Chillicothe, Ohio VA. The phone number to the VA is 740-773-1141. Tell them taking away my home for no legs is a clear violation of not only fair housing laws but the federal Americans with Disabilities Act.

There was a severed human head in my hotel room.

If nothing else, my life has been entertaining. I once spent the night in a hotel room where previously a severed human head resided. I once made federal agents buy me pizza. I’ve had to learn to walk at least three times. I have been shot, stabbed, and set on fire. Trust me, I am entertaining.

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