The Problem with Team Spirit

Team spirit is why we are driven to see only black and white. I love a football game when my first wife and I choose opposite sides. She graduated law school from the Ohio State University, so she cheers Ohio State. I enjoy the bickering, so I root for anyone else. Team spirit is not … [Read more…]

President Biden vs. Governor Abbott

Facts trump opinion. Facts trump desire. We might think the sun will rise in the West. We might want the sin to rise in the West. But fact is the sun will rise in the East. Fact is that at current rates, every three months the number of people entering the U.S. is greater than … [Read more…]

Scam EMS Certificates

Here is an example of a scam certificate for a registered emotional support animal. I have three now. One is for my emotional support rubber chicken. His name is ‘Cheeken’. Anything can be registered as an emotional support animal because anyone can register your animal on their list. Reading threw it, note although the document … [Read more…]

I.S.S. (2023) Thoughts

Russian and American astronauts are onboard the International Space Station (ISS). Nuclear war breaks out between the two nations. Each group of astronauts is ordered by their nation to take control of the ISS any way possible. What do you do? I think I would surrender. NASA is not military. American astronauts are not combatants. … [Read more…]

Moving Begins

The first container company could not get up driveway on Thursday. So we had a local company deliver a container Saturday. Very friendly and competent driver. If you are in central Ohio, I highly recommend Bins Containers. Due to fuel prices, delivery was a bit much, but storage fees are less. They deliver to Ohio … [Read more…]

How Covid Kept Me Out Of Jail

Still a bit stoned on morphine, cute techs, and bitching hot nurses. I got that inappropriate term from Dr. House. Got the morphine from doctor Doogie Howser. I kind of fell threw a deck. Got my prosthetic stuck. Was rescued by the fire department. In other words, typical uneventful day. I love writing and smoking … [Read more…]

I lost my legs in the war

Folk often ask me if I lost my legs in the war. After years of therapy and properly medicated, I am now able to talk about it. Yes, my buddy Rudolf and I were on patrol. We weren’t on the front lines. But there were reports of what folk call terrorists. We just called them … [Read more…]

Bibbet – 7 Days of Joy

Bibbet came into my life right when I needed her. She was born shortly after I returned home from amputation and rehab. She was the only survivor of her litter and lasted only a week. After that week, she left me to join her mother and siblings. But for that week, I was her mother. … [Read more…]