Moving Begins

The first container company could not get up driveway on Thursday. So we had a local company deliver a container Saturday. Very friendly and competent driver. If you are in central Ohio, I highly recommend Bins Containers. Due to fuel prices, delivery was a bit much, but storage fees are less. They deliver to Ohio … [Read more…]

How Covid Kept Me Out Of Jail

Still a bit stoned on morphine, cute techs, and bitching hot nurses. I got that inappropriate term from Dr. House. Got the morphine from doctor Doogie Howser. I kind of fell threw a deck. Got my prosthetic stuck. Was rescued by the fire department. In other words, typical uneventful day. I love writing and smoking … [Read more…]

I lost my legs in the war

Folk often ask me if I lost my legs in the war. After years of therapy and properly medicated, I am now able to talk about it. Yes, my buddy Rudolf and I were on patrol. We weren’t on the front lines. But there were reports of what folk call terrorists. We just called them … [Read more…]

Bibbet – 7 Days of Joy

Bibbet came into my life right when I needed her. She was born shortly after I returned home from amputation and rehab. She was the only survivor of her litter and lasted only a week. After that week, she left me to join her mother and siblings. But for that week, I was her mother. … [Read more…]

David & His Ducky

Since my wife skated, David has been my constant friend. Today, he is my life. I enjoy making knives. I like making jewelry. I love my David. The perfect day involves all three. Here I think we are playing fetch with his rubber ducky. He thinks we are playing keep away.