About Our Family

On Friday, July 26th 2019, Citizens Union Bank sold our farm. It didn’t matter to the bank that I’d fallen behind due to amputation. It did not matter that we were only about $1,000.00 behind or that the balance was only about $17,000.00. We received no notice before being served with the foreclosure documents. Afterwards, they refused to talk to us at all. In fact, they refused to even provide information that might have helped us save our home with bankruptcy. It seemed obvious that Citizen’s Union Bank is a predator.

It wasn’t the first time I’d lost everything. In July of 2006, I was left drooling after my shop was flooded. Water found its way into under code wiring. Shop was destroyed and I was diagnosed with a moderate traumatic brain injury via electrocution. Nor was it the first time my life was changed by predates. Although the land lord was clearly liable, his insurance company and lawyers did everything they could to avoid responsibility. This included flat lying in court. Its not just the banks and lawyers, the entire system seems rigged against us.d

Of all the things I lost in that event, the damage to my mind hurt the worst Now 13 years later I am making an effort to return to writing, prior to the brain injury I had authored 7 books which were published by three different publishers. Even after so much time in recovery, completing a single page seems to take forever. On the bright side, it gave me a reason to believe I can come back from the latest set back.

Commiserating with friends, we learned we were not alone in our contempt for the world in which we live. Collectively, we decided we can do better. So we have set about building a better one.

Founded by Friends

Founded by a group of friends at the 2019 Kentucky Highlander Renaissance Festival , we we jokingly call our band of misfits a cult. In truth we are more like a flock of ducks. We have more of a hive mind than any sense of leadership. Each choosing to explore independently or join the flock for a time.

Artistic Statements from Members
We do not all create with our hands. But we are all creative. Our shared project is to create an environment / home where we can draw inspiration from each other.