Podunker.com – Another winter project.

For more than seven years, I have wintered in hospitals, rehabs and nursing homes. Loosing the legs, becoming a double amputee knife maker did not happen suddenly. The legs came off a bit at a time. There was also the heart attacks, septic shock, and organ failure. Combined, although I fought it, I have spent a lot of time in bed. To combat boredom, I learned some programming and database languages. I also spent much time on social media. I was not impressed.

I think I can do better. Not bigger. Not more profitable. Just better. I think the girth of wildly successful social media detracts from it’s potential charm. Think of a huge city vs a podunk little town. Each has it’s own charm, but the charm of a podunk little town by far outshines the city in the minds of podunk people. I am one of those people, I am a podunker.

So I did a thing. I bought the URL ‘podunker,com’. There is nothing there yet. It is a winter project. In the background, have been working in software for my take on a social media site. People tell me I cannot compete with Facebook. Of course not. The knives and jewelry make are desired by people, but I can not possibly compete with Walmart. I think maybe, I can do the same with social media. Call it ‘artisan social media’.

Why Podunker.com is the perfect name? Podunk indicates small and unimportant. It’s just a podunk little town. Podunker is just a little social media company. The name also represents my love of small towns, the life style, and the people who live there. As Kid Rock pointed out. podunk is also a culture. It is a culture I have come to love. You make do with what you have and thank god for for that.

I will let folk know when I think it is working.

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