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Tiny Homes in Crestone, Colorado
Crestone, Colorado

Our family of four is about to be homeless.  For 13 years, we have raised our kids, critters, and crops in the rolling hills of Kentucky.  Despite a moderate traumatic brain injury suffered by A.J. Drew in 2006, the family built a thriving business in specialty peppers as Peppers by Mail.  After surgeons had to remove about half of each of A.J.’s feet he was unable to work for a season.

When Citizen’s Union Bank started the foreclosure process, we had only $17,000.00 left on the mortgage and were only $1,000.00 behind.  One more season and the mortgage would have been paid off.  We attempted to protect the home with a chapter 13 bankruptcy, but Citizens Union Bank withheld key information that would have made bankruptcy protection possible.  They sent no warning, refused to discuss it with us, and seemed to do what they could to prevent us from selling the farm ourselves.  After legal fees, court costs, and taxes they claimed we owed them over $60,000.00. 

There has got to be a better way to live…

We are an online home for Travelers and folk interested in a minimalist lifestyle. Thinking about camper, RV, tiny home, or a stealth camping lifestyle? We hope to become your home away from home sort of place.

We are new…

On July 26, 2019 Citizens Union Bank sold our Kentucky farm and home. It did not matter that doctors had taken half of each of my feet. We fell behind on the mortgage so the bank foreclosed on our property. What is a family to do?

We are not so new…

Before having a family and children, I sold various creations at renaissance festivals and other shows. When my wife and I first met, we camped primitively at various events. When we had children, we settled into more conventional living. Now that our children are older, we seem forced to return to parts of our previous lifestyle.

We are not alone…

Joined by friends and family members, we have chosen to explore a minimalist lifestyle. Our goal being to move to Colorado and rebuild our farm with our extended family. This website serves to document our adventure, to provide a contact point for the travelers who might join us, and to share what we learn so that others who are interested in the lifestyle have a leg up.

Everyone is welcome…

Everyone is welcome to join this site and our online family. You dont have to be living a minimalist lifestyle, interested in communal living, or be a member of what we jokingly call our cult. You are welcome to join and participate. Membership is free, but paid memberships come with a few perks.

Joining our core family is another story. We are not an entirely closed entity, but our members literally are our family. We grow via birth, marriage, and adoption. Not by meeting folk on the internet. Instead, we encourage you to join the site and build real world family from the like minded folk you meet and love on the way to where ever you are headed.

Crestone, Colorado

Our family is currently scattered. It is mainly in Kentucky, Ohio, and surrounding states. A few members are on the road full time. It is about what you would exect from a rag tag group of artisans and rennies. Our ultimate goal is to restart our family farm ( Peppers by Mail ) in or around Crestone, Colorado while adding to the farm effort the ability to provide food, shelter, and security for the entire clan.