In July of 2006, I suffered a near fatal electrocution resulting in a moderate traumatic brain injury and a bit of nerve damage.  At the onset of recovery, it became clear that not only had I lost entire portions of my memory but I’d become a different person.  In an effort to hide from the challenges of sensory overload and other new challenges, I left public life and found seclusion in the foot hills of Kentucky.

Although many thought and a few hoped that I had died due to the electrocution, I have spent the years building my new life.  I am, in essence, a new person with new ideas and an entirely new and positive take on life.  While we are all slaves to one thing or another, I have shed the shackles of convention.  More by injury than choice, I no longer feel the mandates to live within the confines of conventional dictates.

Here in the foot hills of Kentucky, my family and I are building a new life as close to land and life that the Creator intended.  It is our great hope that by living this way, we will impart a sense of earth stewardship and love of all life to our children.

This blog is an expression of those efforts and my recovery.  You are welcome and encouraged to participate.