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I started writing poetry, short stories, and commentary when I was a teenager.  The poetry and short stories were published locally in Columbus, OH shortly after returning from military service.  The books on Wicca came when I was in my mid to early 30s.  A brain injury after I had entered my 40s left me unable to read or write effectively.  I also changed much of the way I express my religious views.

Although I continue to consider Wicca to be worthy of recognition as a religion, I have always considered it more of a mystery school than a religion.  Today I am very comfortable with venerating the creator in a seemingly more conventional manner and using more conventional terms.  I generally describe myself as Catholic, but not Roman Catholic.  That is, while I count Jesus Christ as my personal savior, I am a universalist.  I have found my path, encourage others to find theirs and try my very best not to judge the paths other choose.

I do hope to return to writing one day, but see that future as explaining views from an experiential rather than philosophical perspective.

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