Coco Mango Taint

I am not allowed to use bar soap in the shower.  I am not sure why.  I think my wife believes I might hurt myself with it.  There was a … Continue Reading →

Potato and Growth Inhibitor

Been putting potato in the ground and started to think about the difference between a seed potato and a grocery store potato.  In case you have never planted potato, let … Continue Reading →

Small Farm Trailer – Part 1


We have taken produce to market before, but not plants so much.  This year, we started our seeds in January and had them out and for sale at the Tractor … Continue Reading →

The Bundy Ranch vs. Federal Land Management

Understanding the conflict surrounding the Bundy Ranch requires that folk understand it’s not all Broke Back Mountain.  In that popular movie, ranchers would hire folk to take their critters to … Continue Reading →

The Elephent in the room…

I have to give a big public thank you to Missy Harper, a friend of many years. Shortly after it came to light that folk were finally starting to object … Continue Reading →

Rare ‘Geep’ born in Ireland

What do you get when you mate sheep and goats? Usually, nothing. But every now and then you get a Jeep.

Carolina Reapers showing


Although I am slightly afraid of jinxing myself, I have to share that the Carolina Reapers are starting to show their little faces.  They are entirely too small to photograph, … Continue Reading →

My time in prison

When I left the prison where I volunteered as part of the faith based initiative program, I would often stop for a beverage and make some off the wall comment … Continue Reading →

Not me

What seems like a million years ago, I tried to use my name at AOL.  The name was already in use.  I thought that strange as I chose the nom … Continue Reading →

Baby Boy’s South Window


If you have ever grown tomato plants, you know the distinct smell.  My baby boy has fallen in love with that smell.  Good thing too because his south facing window … Continue Reading →