Patch Knife, Ibex Horn


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This is one of the few blades I managed to hand forge at the 2019 Kentucky Highlander Renaissance Festival.  During most of the 2019 fair, I was completely wheel chair bound.   I had a hose coming out of the amputation site on my right foot that led to a wound vacuum carried around my neck.  Making things even more challenging, I had an eagle eyed wife making sure I stayed in my chair.  But every now and then, she would run an errand and I would hobble into the forging pit.

The 4″ blade was hand forged in a coal / coke fire.  It started as a 1/4 inch flat of 1075 spring steel.  After forging and finishing, the blade is a bit under 1/8 inch.  This is one of the last blades I was able to heat treat in my home smithy before we lost the farm.  It was thrice normalized, quenched with a north south alignment, and then twice drawn / tempered to approximate 55 on the Rockwell scale.  This makes for a nice balance between edge retention and ease of sharpening.

The 4″ hilt is Nubian Ibex horn finished with a hand rubbed tongue oil.  I backfilled the horn with a high strength two part resin.  The bolster is lead free pewter that I hand poured in place.


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