5 1/2 inch Trade Knife w/ Antler


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The 3″ blade on this trade knife was hand forged over a coal and coke fire.  It started out as a 1/4 inch flat.  After forging and finishing it is about 1/8 inch at its thickest.  The blade was normalized after forging, again after finishing, and a third time for good measure.  It was then quenched in oil and drawn / tempered twice.

The three and a half inch hilt is shed white tail deer antler.  The center was drilled and hollowed out with a tiny rasp.  First, I poured lead free pewter in place as the bolster.  Then I filled the space between antler and tang with resin from the pommel end.  I added some opalescent green to the resin so it would have an attractive pommel that locks the tang in securely.  I do not recommend trying to drive a tent stake with it, but it would make an attractive bodice, neck, or sock knife.


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