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Zoning Laws and RV Parks in Colorado

A.J. Drew
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Not sure why we got the most unorganized of us trying to organize the community website, but I guess I got a few skills left.  Thing is, figuring out laws isnt one of them.  Current challenge, none of us is rich.  So the plan seems to be to sit tight in Kentucky, Ohio and where ever everyone is until the end of the 2020 Kentucky Renaissance Festival.  Then take off for Colorado.  Thing is, we need to plan a few things ahead of time.

  • RV / Camper Parks - I doubt we will have land at the time of the move.  So we will likely need a place for campers, trucks, vans and RVs to park while we look for land.  Aimee and I are trying to purchase a camper using a GoFundMe. 
  • Tiny House / Zoning Laws - Plan is to purchase land and live in our RV's and Campers as we build tiny houses.  So we need to know where these things are permissible.  In particular, we need land where we can construct multiple dwellings.  From what I read this is not as easy as it may sound.  Nobody seems to want tiny homes, camping or a commune in their back yard.  But Prestone, Colorado seems very liberal.
  • Post Discoveries Here - Share what you learn here.  None of us are completely on the ball.  But that is why I created the web site.  So collectively we can do this thing.