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Another Push

So I am back in the hospital again. I am currently on day 5 and they are not entirely sure what route they want to go. It is looking like the front half of the right foot has to go and both calves need surgery, but today’s MRI results will be the deciding factor. The push now is to have the camper fit for my return.

Home care and the hospital case worker seem fine releasing me to the camper as long as we have ready things we’d planned for down the road. Wife and friends are working on the water and septic hook ups so I do not have to use the public shower house. But there is also the matter of being able to get into and out of the camper.

The plan is to build a small non permanent ramp / deck. My wheel chair does no good inside the camper, so we are figuring a ramp to get up to the height of the camper, then enough of deck for the wheel chair to reside. Chances are the deck area will be larger, but like everything it will depend on what can donate.

Of course we will accept donations to the Go Fund Me Account. But materials, labor and know how would also be greatly appreciated.

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