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Now and then…

Our tiny house on wheels

The mother ship has landed. Our new tiny house has been planted in Henry County, Kentucky. We have named it Serenity after my favorite TV series Firefly & follow up movie Serenity. Its the theme song to both that made me suggest her name. You can burn the land, you can boil the see, but you can’t take the sky from me. That is essentially what Citizen’s Union Bank did to us. The foreclosure was the burning of our land and boiling of our sea, but they can not take our sky, our freedom away.

Picture at Left: Just three years ago the farm was doing great. Our farm, Peppers by Mail, was doing great. That year, we were so very proud of our new high tunnel. It extended our harvest season by a full month. So much that by the time of the foreclosure, we had less than $17,000.00 left on our mortgage. One more growing season and it would have been paid off. Now, three years later, what remains is Serenity and some very fine people who let us plant her on their property.

Serenity was not the first name I considered. The first name I considered for our tiny house was the Nostromo. Ah but that ship was destroyed and one one crew member survived in the original Alien movie. In retrospect, the name might better be suited for our former home. That way wan think of Citizens Union Bank as the mindless Alien that kills everything in its wake. Thinking of the bank as a heartless consumer furthers my apreciation for those with hearts.

In the photo of our new tiny house, I am flanked by Robbin and Steven Ritter. They were instrumental in helping us move the new tiny house on wheels and asked for nothing in return. They even refused fuel. Although the wound vacuum has been removed and I am able to stand again, even with a rental truck this move would have been beyond my capabilities. Thank you so very much. Now we can get to making the new place ready and if the deputies come to evict us we have a place to go. You guys have helped us find our sky.

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can,
and the Wisdom to know the difference.

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