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Our New Camper / Tiny House

Our new Camper / Tiny House

Citizens Union Bank took our farm and proper because I needed a year off work after the last amputation. A different type of financing bought us our new tiny house / camper. It is called social equity. Essentially, friends cofunded our new tiny house via our GoFundMe Campaign. While each is a fine person, I do not think they would have done so for a total stranger. I think folk were happy to help us in our time of need because they have seen us help others in their time of need.

Its still up hill. There is tax, tags, a Uhaul, re-homing critters, and a lot of work ahead. I am still unable to walk more than a few feet. If you can help with a gift to the GoFundMe Campaign it will be greatly appreciated. Although we found a great deal on a great camper, there are tires, mattresses and a bunk bet to purchase before we can move it or provide space for the kids to sleep. But with you help and a wee bit of luck, we will get this done.

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