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No room at the Inn

After a few days on the phone, it as become obvious that the war on alternative living is well entrenched. It has also become obvious that many folk are moving from houses and apartments into tiny housed on wheels, campers and RVs. I likely called every trailer camp in Kentucky. My list exceeded thirty.

No room at the inn. I found one commercial camp site that allowed RV / camper living and had slots to rent. Their price was $600.00 a month and their amenities were very few. While I don’t object to seedy / sketchy locations, paying top dollar for the lowest quality is right out. The demand for year round RV / camp sites is so large that reasonably priced locations with decent amenities are all filled. It is a renter’s market and the renters are taking great advantage of that fact

14 Day Limit. The first thing I learned is our government does not want us to live in RVs or Campers. Each state or federal site that offered RV / Camper parking had a very strict 14 day policy. You could not rent a spot by the month, could not over winter, and had to leave after 14 days. Not the rules you would think a government concerned with homelessness would establish. In fact, even dispersed boon dock camping on BLM land enforces the 14 day rule.

Limited Stay – Commercial parks do not typically force the government’s 14 day limit, but they do limit stays to other lengths. In fact, when I ask about slots for year round stays i noted a distinct change in the tone of their voices on most calls.

Gentrified Camping – DIY tiny homes on wheels are not permitted in many commercial parks. Often they insist not only on knowing make and model, but model year. Even older factory RVs and campers are sometime not permitted.

Fortunately for my family, a business associate and friendly family ended my search. We now have a place to plant our tiny house on wheels for the next year or so. Back to the task of raising funds and finding our tiny house on wheels.

On the up side, this experience has provided a topic for a new chapter in my forthcoming book: A Rastafarian Picnic. On the downside, as homes and apartments become more and more expensive, living in alternative homes (RVs, camper, tiny houses) has become increasing restricted.

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