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Are we really doing this?

Citizen’s Union Bank sold our farm, but we are stilling staying in the home. We still have no place to go and we are not sure how much time we have before we are enforceable evicted. However long that is, we are trying to make the most of it. It seems most likely we will be purchasing a camper trailer at some point, but might have to live in a relative’s basement. Not a great idea for someone who can barely walk, let alone climb stairs. But you do what you have to do to survive.

During the day, I have been doing what I can to finish knives I have already forged out. The thought being if I can get them into the online store, maybe we will be able to purchase a trailer before we are evicted. At night, well I should be working on a software project that I’ve been at for a time. But I can not get this question out of my head: Are we really doing this?

Instead of working on projects, I find myself reading articles and watching youtube video from the folk who have already taken the plunge. It turns out there is a growing movement of people who have taken to camper living for a variety of reasons. One couple sums up there reason as living for the future. I think that is where we are at.

Our plan isn’t to crawl up into a box to die. Our plan is to decrease the cost of living so that we can save. The next step is land and the group mind seems to have decided that land will be in Colorado. From there, who knows what will come from our adventure. With any luck, we will rebuild the Peppers By Mail farm. But even if we don’t, our rebuilt life will not depend on loans or banks. As we have learned, those folk are entirely too eager to take away anything you have built. In a way, I think that is the driving force behind many folk who find escape in minimalist living. Folk do not want to be mortgage slaves.

To share these videos with you, I have created a list of my favorites.

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