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In Search of New Home

Surgeons took about half of each foot. Citizen’s Union Bank took our home. Our mortgage was down to $17,000.00, we were about $1,000.00 behind in the payments

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Friday July 26, 2019Citizen’s Union Bank sold our family home and farm. The resent amputations and surgeries did not matter to them. Cant walk, can’t work, can’t pay a mortgage, so you are out on your ass. It doesn’t matter that we only had $17,000.00 left on the mortgage or that we were only $1,000.00 behind. So what is a family of four to do?

The Plan – Our good friend Jodi fell in love with Crestone, Colorado. We fell in love with her. In fact, we have fallen in love with a handful of good folk we know threw the Kentucky Highlander Renaissance Festival. Oh it is not a romantic love. Although I have offered to do the non-sexual husbandry duties such as scare off bad people, most of the folk think of me more as dad. Jodi, well she is sort of one of our matriarchs, so she has various titles. Her kids call my wife Dad, they call me Mom, and I am perpetually confused. The point being, we seem to have become a single family but it is not what most folk think and it is not limited to the three of us or our children.

A Year and a Day – The plan now is to purchase a low dollar tailor, live in it until the end of the 2020 Kentucky Renaissance Festival, and then load up the campers to head out West. That year and a day will be documented in my forth coming book A Rastafarian Picnic as well as other titles from the perspective of other family members.

Support our Efforts – Would you like to support our efforts? Please consider visiting our online store or becoming a patron. Alternatively you can make a one time gift using the Paypal link below or visit the Gofundme site for the trailer.

Below are images of the trailer we hope to purchase with your help. It is not huge but it is better than living under a bridge.

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