Tripods – Campfire or plant holders

tripodSomething I put out new this year at the Kentucky Highland Renaissance Fair were these tripods.  It was a very odd experience.  First, when I had none, several people asked for them.  Then, once I had several made, on display but with nothing hanging from them; I was asked over and over what they were.  At first I answered “tripods” and got some strange looks.  I ignored them until someone had a follow up question: For medieval cameras?

So I decided to hang a dutch oven on one and hanging plants on others.  The questions changed.  With items hanging on them I was asked: Are these for sale?  Yes, yes.  The tripod with the price tag on it is priced at what the price tag says.  The things hanging from the tripod with price tags on them are priced what their price tag says.

This led to one observation that $75.00 is a lot of money for a plant hanger.  I thought I would loose my mind until I finally had a person tell her husband that she needed one to hang her cauldron for Halloween candy.  Finally, someone knew what a tripod was used for.  Well, sort of.

Does nobody cook over a campfire anymore?

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