Not me

What seems like a million years ago, I tried to use my name at AOL.  The name was already in use.  I thought that strange as I chose the nom de plume in part because I thought it was fairly unique.  It was when I was a teen, writing poetry and short stories.  Back in the day, I did not want my name to indicate gender, ethnicity, or other matters which might cause what I had written to be judged on matters not related to the content.

You might have noticed that my photos often include a duck sitting on my shoulder.  Her name is Jeffrey Effery.  She was a late hatch, rejected by her mother.  Although survival of the fittest indicates I should have left her to die, I rarely have the heart to live by the law of nature.  My daughter and I carefully broke the shell away from her tiny body, brought her inside, and raised her under heat lamps with near constant attention.  Today, she follows me threw the garden and flies to join me when she falls behind.  She is the sweetest thing in the world.

So imagine my surprise to hear someone saw a photo of me in a bathtub with ducks only to learn it was not me.  Of course it wasn’t, our house has only showers.  Ah, but the name of the person in the photo was A.J. Drew.  It seems that name is popular among duck lovers.

I searched for that photo to link to for this article but could not find it.  What I did find was more similarities between myself and what seems to be a growing number of other A.J. Drew’s across the internet.

“Just an ordinary, fat, middle age guy – looking to change all of that…” – From the twitter account of another A.J. Drew

Then there is the A.J. Drew over at Facebook.  From his photos, I can tell he likes dogs.  I like dogs.  From his photos, he likes swords.  I am rather fond of swords.  From his photos I can tell he is not the same A.J. Drew as I found at Twitter and I am fairly sure he is not me.  And yet, I still have not found that photo of the A.J. Drew in the bathtub with the ducks.

How many A.J. Drews are there in this world?


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