Mobile Green House

trailer_2Today was the second venture out this year.  The first was to the swap meet at Tractor Supply in Shelbyville, KY.  Today, it was the Simpsonville, KY.  Sales at the swap meet were far better.  So was the traffic.  Our best guess is Easter Weekend is not a good time to sell plants.

Still, we managed to cover fee, gas, beverages, and meet a really nice women who set up next to us.  After helping her set up, her husband left to go fishing.  I asked him what he was fishing for.  He said he didn’t much care.  I get the idea that dealing with the general public just isn’t his thing.

The photo above is from the inside of the small trailer I built for the farm.  When we travel, two tables fit on top of it and serve as a cover to keep the wind out.  When at home, we cover it with 6mm translucent plastic and it serves as a small green house.  The black plastic trays are mortar trays from Lowes.  The plants are in 12 oz solo cups that we save the year before.  For what ever reason, I do not seem to do things the normal way.

Then again, what is the normal way?  Our largest sales went to someone who grows produce for a living.  It seems specialization / focus is the normal way.  Not me.  I have to figure out ways to do it all.  Probably the complete lack of focus.

A photo of the outside of the trailer can be found in the post on the first trip out of the year –

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