Magick, Vulgarity, and the Frosts

In one sense Magick may be defined as the name given to Science by the vulgar.” – Aleister Crowley

Although I once embraced the term magick, today I find it the term belittling of the tremendous gift bestowed on humanity.  Although I do not believe it is unique to humanity, of all the creatures I have known on this earth, we humans seem to have the most promise in this department.  The term magic is most often associated with trickery or primitive superstitions.  Hardly a worthy term for something so sacred.  I will use my little dance with the “Dancing Wiccans” to illustrate.

“Magick is the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will.” – Aleister Crowley

Shortly after my traumatic brain injury, while I was still filled with rage and lacked the tools to manage that rage, I thought to bring attention to a blight on low brow new age (pronounced newag) mumbo jumbo.  For the pedophilia content of the book The Witches Bible, I chose to target its authors Gavin and Yvonne Frost.  Although I remained focus on these individuals and the most serious topic of pedophilia, the real subject of my protest was a far broader topic.

While pedophelia is a very serious matter, the broader matter is misplaced tolerance and the divorce of that which I call God.  Call it what you will, I feel very strongly that there is a difference between right and wrong, moral and immoral, ethical and unethical, and (dare I say it) good and evil.

While I am sincerely glad humanity has begun divorcing the labeling and cataloging of good and evil created by ancient institutions of religion, I feel we have gone too far in distancing ourselves from the core concept that their is a difference between right and wrong.  After all, specific instruction must change with the changing world.  Fortunately, the social evolution of humanity addresses this very challenge.

Consider the issue of Birth Control and the Affordable Care Act.  Many Americans object to the birth control mandate out of religious conviction.  They feel it is wrong because their religion instructs that one should be fruitful and multiply.  How dare the government encourage birth control when scripture indicates it is wrong?

Where being fruitful and multiplying once served an important issue of survival, now that resources are challenged by humanities girth, the same instruction might dwindle our chances of survival.   I do not believe we have to divorce right and wrong to distance ourselves from what was right and wrong 5,000 years ago.  I believe that while we can still turn to ancient advice, the more important issue is that we turn to our own mind and our own heart.  To seek guidance from that portion of god which lives within can live within each and every one of us.

So then, my goal was to bring attention to what Gavin and Yvonne Frost had written for the purpose of demonstrating that tolerance had run a muck.  I sought to steer folk back to the idea that there is right and there is wrong.  That reading pedophilia instruction should not be met with tolerance for the authors point of view.  That claiming religious freedom or freedom of speech does not negate the concept of right and wrong.  You see these freedoms are worthless to a society if they are not balanced with the equal right to say “no”, to object wildly, to call shenanigans.

To that end, I used shenanigans of my own.

“Illustration: It is my Will to inform the World of certain facts within my knowledge. I therefore take “magical weapons”, pen, ink, and paper … The composition and distribution of this book is thus an act of Magick by which I cause Changes to take place in conformity with my Will.”- Aleister Crowley

At the time of my shenanigans, several Pagan Pride festivals not only tolerated Gavin and Yvonne Frost’s writings, they paid to have them speak at their events and welcomed their sales of The Witches Bible (retitled The Good Witches Bible).  Other authors by far ignored and overlooked what the two had written, what they claimed was the foundation of the Church and School of Wicca, what they claimed was the very foundation of Wicca itself.  There was very little discussion of how their instructions were just plain wrong.

To cause change, several friends and I created a stink.  While you might google my name and read that I burnt Gavin and Yvonne Frost in effigy, that never occurred nor was it ever planned.  Instead, during a public ritual at the final Real Witches Ball, my wife and I tore the offensive book in half.  We each then shoved our halves of the book into a cavity fashioned in realistic life size effigies of the couple.  That cavity was located where a rectum would be on a human.  As we did, we announced we were returning the book to whence it came.

So we did not burn the Frosts in effigy.  Instead, we anally fist fucked them with their own book in effigy.  I am not sure why so many folk are hung on the idea of burning things.  The way I see things, burning people in effigy might be overly offensive to a community that feels it was once burned at the stake.  However, returning something to where it came is a happy happy joy joy sort of act.  Their book is shit, we returned it to its natural habitat.  Kind of like returning a baby fawn to the woods or a whale to the ocean.

As planned, the minions of tolerance were outraged.  How dare a person use freedom of expression to dissagree with freedom of speech?  Of course I did what I could to egg them on until things to to the point where I knew the thing had a life of its own.  That point was when someone announced that I was the Pagan Hitler and some mucky muck with the Covenant of the Goddess was shooting me in effigy, and another numb nut was threatening to crush my skull with a baseball bat.  Taking my cue from the idea that when the name Adolph Hitler is invoked, the discussion is over, I just sort of let things follow the path I had intended.

Pagan Perspectives: Is A.J. Drew a Pagan Hitler

Now, years later, it is clear that my will has manifest.  Although I am kind of confused as to why someone would think I am rotting in prison, note the first comment in response to the new rebuking of Gavin and Yvonne Frost.

“Well…I guess AJ Drew can rot in prison knowing that his personal campaign has achieved it’s goal. ” – Kate at Wild Hunt

Yes Kate, my personal campaign has achieved its goal.  But not in opinion turning against Gavin and Yvonne Frost and not from a prison cell.  Instead, the goal I have achieved was to nudge folk into addressing the idea that God, Goddess, or what ever you want to call it is alive, well, and waiting in our hearts to be consulted.  I have watched it happen silently from my family homestead here in the foothills of Kentucky where I am living the life I have written about, with goat kisses for all.

That, my dear, is magick.

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7 comments for “Magick, Vulgarity, and the Frosts

  1. Biolochic
    April 7, 2014 at 6:02 pm

    Thank you so much for all that you’ve done for our community! I’m sorry you were treated so badly before. Perhaps now that more and more Pagans are protesting against the Frosts and coming together to protect out children, you can find some validation and solace.

    Blessed Be!

    • April 7, 2014 at 10:35 pm

      Thank you Biolochic. I realize my over the top sense of humor and gonzo journalism has offended a great many people. But that is the side effect of such an approach. Now the rumors, those are down right funny.

      Despite Gavin Frost indicating there was some sort of restraining order against me, despite the rumor that I have been languishing in prison, I have been where I am now, doing what I doing now, for the last 7 years.

      Comments like yours have caused me to want to share this wonderful life of homesteading, raising children, critters and crops. While i am no where near recovered enough to speak in public, I think I got the hang of this blogging stuff again.

      Thank you…

  2. Edward G Rickey
    April 8, 2014 at 1:24 am

    Hi AJ,

    As one of the Pagans who helped craft the Joint Resolution to the FPG board, I have to give you credit for bringing this to light way back. While our fight was over the Frosts, we were also very focused on the relationship FPG has with the attendees.

    Disclaimer: I do not speak for PfC, only as a individual involved in this project.

    We agree the Frosts writings are inflammatory and wrong. We have never accused them of pedophilia or any specific crime, only that their book is offensive and as long as they refuse to retract it, are unwelcome in our community. Especially post- Kenny Klein, we have concluded that the wall of silence and sweeping things under the rug has no place any longer in our community.

    I personally agree with you – there is an absolute right and wrong in the world, and what the Frosts offer as an initiation is, to me, undeniably wrong.

    But our work went beyond the Frosts to a Board of Directors that were unwilling to take that into account, or even reply to our inquiries. They shut down public discussion on Facebook twice, and after telling us to email them privately, either did not reply or gave conflicting replies. I guess they didn’t think we’d share their replies with each other…

    My opinion was to boycott. Festivals run on money, sweat and participation of attendees. FPG is especially keen to ask for these three things in the name of community, which I and others have given over many years.

    But when your organizers ignore the fact they have folks who advocated this kind of garbage, and refused to retract it, then you have to get their attention somehow. We got their attention.

    Over 200 people signed our Joint Resolution. FPG usually runs about 500-600 people, and this represented a substantial part of the usual attendance. And this was in a space of three days. We were happy with the response of those in our community, and had hoped for a change of heart on the Board. Unfortunately, someone on the outside made it known to the camp ownership, and the Board’s hand was forced.

    We all agreed it would have been better if this was handled among Pagans, having a real dialog between the Board and ourselves, but it didn’t happen that way. My hope is that the dialog continues about what is acceptable and unacceptable. My hope is real discussions are happening all over the Pagan world, so we don’t ever find ourselves in this place again.

    As to the Frosts, it is my understanding they’ve withdrawn from other events in the near future. I’m glad we could shine a light on what they’ve written and what it means for us, but also that we’ve shown Pagans that the old way of doing things no longer works. Silence is complicity, and this community should never be silent again.

    • April 8, 2014 at 3:55 am

      Glad to have your comment Edward. Despite the various accounts which state else wise, I never accused the Frosts of child molestation. Instead I pointed to their book, their statement that it contained the original teachings of their Church and School of Wicca, and the fact that they claim to have practiced what they preach. I left folk to decide for themselves if they molested their children or if they lied about it.

      On the issue of right and wrong, I do not think the challenge is restricted to the pagan community. Nor am I overly fond of titles like ‘pagan’ or ‘pagan community’. The terms tend to lend themselves to stereotyping. Consider your hope for the expansion of discussion within the pagan world. While I very much respect the idea that folk should act local while thinking global, I hope folk of all creeds take your advice so that my children’s world is better than my own.

      Gay, Straight, Black, White
      Same struggle. Same fight.
      Christian, Muslim, Pagan, Jew
      There’s just one world for me and you.

      • SwissCelt
        June 1, 2014 at 10:52 pm

        Hi AJ! You probably don’t remember me… I visited your shop on 5th Avenue in Columbus a few times back in the late 1990’s. I remembered you when the controversy at Florida Pagan Gathering, to which Edward refers, came up earlier this year.

        Mostly I just wanted to drop you a line to say hi. I’m living now near Tampa, and am (if you’ll excuse the expression) among those that are a part of this “Pagan community” directly affected by this controversy. I also would like to thank you for your reply to Edward, and to wish you well in your spiritual path. I am quite pleased that you remain open-hearted to all of us, regardless of our paths.

        Peace to you,

        • June 3, 2014 at 6:13 am

          Jeff, sorry to say I do not remember you from such a brief description. Keep in mind there is much I do not remember. Your asking me to excuse the term “pagan community” and being pleased that I remain open-hearted to members of many paths indicates I am not clear in where my head and heart currently is. Please let me ramble a bit.

          When people use the term “pagan community”, “Catholic community”, “Jewish community”, or any other community where the descriptor is religion and / or ideology I tend to cringe. Should a migrant field workers expect community from a dentist simply because they are both Catholic? Should coworkers not form community simply because they do not share the same religion? This is not to say that a church, coven, temple or other organization might not become community, but when using terms such as the title of a religion or religious genre the community being described is so very vast that thinking it can provide real community is a bit of a lofty expectation.

          I wrote about this in one of my books, saying it is much more Wiccan to spend Christmas with your family than Solstice with a bunch of people you met at the local new age book store. So I do not think I have changed in opinion as much as change in the words I use to express that opinion. Kind of a side effect of essentially relearning how to read and write as well as the ongoing challenge of expressing myself in a way that is understood as intended.

          My spirit daughter Nikki is Muslim. I attempt to adhere to the teachings of Jesus. We get along fabulously. I suspect it is because neither cares where the source of our inspiration comes. We are more concerned with the manifestation of that inspiration. I sometimes wonder where humanity would be if we stripped away all the many titles.

  3. sangathor
    October 8, 2014 at 5:11 am

    Good to see you blogging again, AJ. I miss your “over the top sense of humor and gonzo journalism”. I still take every opporutnity I can to spread the word about that disgusting “book”. There are definately more people aware of it, and speaking out against it, than there were before 2007. Glad you are living the life that makes you happy. Kiss a goat for me.

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