Gavin Frost has Died

The Church and School of Wicca, founded in part by Gavin Frost, initially included instructions to sexually initiate children as they entered puberty.  Yes, they later amended the instructions explaining nobody should be sexually initiated into Wicca until they were adults because it is illegal.

Upon realizing the wide support the founders of the Church and School of Wicca had in the modern pagan community, at the last Real Witches Ball I publicly announced that I neither write nor call myself Wiccan until the two founders of that school were were dead.

It was not a threat.  It was a promise.  Not to the world, but to my children.  No one will ever think I belong to a religion that would rape children.

From Gavin Frost’s daughter Joe Frost:  “In our family, we do not believe in grieving too much, so today, raise a glass, a brandy alexander, a glass of mead, but a spirited glass, have a good conversation with a friend, be a little risqué (or a lot), dance a tango, tell someone you love them that you might not have said this to lately. That was the true spirit of my father – living his life the best way he knew how. He shared a lot of information with the world and opened doorways for many. Celebrate Gavin’s passing as he begins his next adventure, never fear, this is just another doorway, another state of being. He left a legacy, in many respects, that cannot be equaled. In his final hours, consumed by pain, he felt concern for his wife, for him, his soulmate of nearly 50 years, for her safety and her future, as much as for his freedom from pain. He does not wish for flowers, and deeply abhors wreaths, so do not send these things as tokens of your appreciation. Instead, send your tokens of appreciation by way of donations to his favorite charities and educational institutions. If you have a raptor or rescue center nearby, send a donation to them for he loved hawks. Send a donation to an educational institution, high among the list, King’s College in London, St Andrews Presbyterian University in Laurinburg, NC, the Osteopathic School in Lewisburg, WV, and NCSSM in Durham, NC. And finally, if so inclined, send a donation to the Church of Wicca, PO Box 297, Hinton, WV, his late life passion. There is not a funeral, as he has donated his body for medical research, but you are welcome to plant a hardwood tree in his honor as this was also a passion of his – regrowing our forests.” – Per

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