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Peppers by Mail – When I first talked to my county extension office about this idea, they thought I was crazy.  Why would people buy peppers by mail instead of going to their local grocery store or farmers market.  The answer is you can not buy these at your local grocery store.  Unless you live near me, chances are you can’t find them at your local farmers market either.

ETSY From my Forge – Hand Forged knives, bottle openers, and more from my forge and by my hand.

Ebay Pepper Store
– Here is where you can find the amazing peppers I often talk about.  In season, you can order fresh peppers.  Out of season I offer dried peppers and some very rare seeds.

ETSY Pepper Store – Another outlet for fresh peppers, dried peppers, and pepper seeds.

Amazon Store – Most of my books are now available in both hard copy and kindle.