Church Key Bottle Openers

bottle_openersThere are a million and one ways blacksmiths forge bottle openers.  Some are down right confusing.  More so if you pick them up after you’ve already uncapped and finished a few.  Once you know the secret of how to use those tricky little bits of steel, they are great fun.  But selling them is a bit of a challenge.  You can label them “bottle openers” but unless they look like the good ol church key, few people will innately know how to use them.  Even on my friendliest day and my best mood, people just don’t like to ask questions.  So I started offering the failure church key style with a bit of a twist.

Here are the two that survived their first year at the Kentucky Highlander Renaissance Festival.  On the last day, I finally figured out how to take pictures with my phone, but there were only two left.

If you would like to see me making them in person, please consider visiting the Kentucky Renaissance Festival or the many other events that I participate in on the fair property.

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