Carolina Reaper Peppers – shipped and relisted

Fresh Carolina Reaper Peppers

22 Fresh Carolina Reaper Peppers

If you have been following my blog, you know I listed a box of fresh Carolina Reaper peppers just last week: Here’s the commentary.  The box of 20 fresh Carolina Reaper peppers sold within the 3 days of its listing on Ebay.  I got paid today, harvested 22 (I like to give extra), put them in a flat rate box, and sent them off to the buyer with much thanks.  I took a photo of the box before closing it up so I could use that photo in additional listings.

I have now listed my second box of Fresh Carolina Reaper peppers at Ebay.  I am still excited about this effort.  In fact, the plan for next year is to focus primarily on the various rare and hard to find peppers.

Wish us luck.

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