Carolina Reaper Peppers for sale.

Fresh Carolina Reaper Peppers

Fresh Carolina Reaper Peppers

Right after completing what I thought was my first listing on Ebay, I told my wife how I was excited and nervous about it.  That I had never sold anything on Ebay before.  Evidently, I used to sell my hand crafts as well as computer parts on Ebay fairly regularly.  It is very strange the things I remember from before the head trauma and the things I do not.  Stranger still are the memories that blur together.  I do worry a bit that people will expect the old me, but intend to move forward with the new knees in the dirt me.

So here we go.  No clue what I am doing, but here is my very first new me listing on Ebay:

20 Fresh Carolina Reaper peppers / seed pods – Weather permitting, I will pick them the day I receive payment, charge the $5.95 flat rate shipping, and get them out same or next day.  Well, unless it is pouring the rain, in which case it might take an additional day.

UPDATE: Since first writing this article, we have opened an online store dedicated to serving up the Hottest Peppers in the World.  Please visit:

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