Carolina Reaper Pepper Seeds

reaper_seedsLast week, I listed my first box of fresh Carolina Reaper peppers on Ebay.  They sold within three days.  With each bid, I was bouncing around with joy.  It wasn’t that I was getting rich off the sale.  The highest bid was $22.50 for a box of 20 fresh peppers.  That is much less than other folk get for these very rare peppers.  But it was the first time I ever sold Carolina Reapers anywhere and the first time since my injury that I sold anything on Ebay.

So why sell seeds?  A couple of reasons.  The first is that it seems like a step down the path I have been traveling with the homestead.  At first we saved seeds for our own use.  Then we saved and traded with other homesteaders, always trying to become less and less dependent on commercial suppliers.  Selling them where things are not typically traded seems the next natural step.

Then there’s the more pragmatic reasons.  My wife hates when I talk like this, but my feet have about had it.  We can not sell fresh produce when there is nothing fresh being produced.  That leaves my metal craft for winter sales.  Problem being, each day I can stand a little less.  I am not giving up on metal art, hand made knives, or anything in that genre.  I am just facing the facts that my ability to produce metal craft items is severely limited.  So with metal work, I am focusing on the one venue I have continued since before the injury: The Kentucky Highland Renaissance Festival.  With produce I am focusing on the farmers market.  When I am focused on neither, well then I am focused on selling our excess seed because I can measure and package the things while sitting in a wheel chair or on the couch in front of a good movie.

Here is a link to my fist listing of Carolina Reaper Pepper Seeds at Ebay.  For my first listing, I listed a package of 20 (it is really 20+) for $5.00.  If you are reading this after the listing expired, just click on the For Sale link on the top of this page to find my newer listings and items for sale.

Please wish me luck.

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