Another Box of Carolina Reapers

Small flat rate box of Carolina Reapers

Box of Carolina Reaper Peppers

This time the Carolina Reapers are going to Wisconsin.  Although the season is headed towards close with the first frost right around the corner, all of our various peppers are starting to come in fast.  Some are going into flat rate boxes and being shipped fresh the day they are shipped.  Others are going into jams and salsas.  I hate that the season is closing but love the color it brings to the garden.

A couple of things are becoming very clear.  The first and most important is I can do this.  Even with the challenges left over from the accident and not being able to walk too well, I can scoot on my butt planting, pulling weeds, and picking peppers.  Using the flat rate boxes and metering product per box so that what I am selling fits perfectly, I can provide a product that is easy enough that I can manage it.  No packaging material to keep track of, no cost to calculate back into the product.  For the first time since the injury, I feel like I have something I can do that might return me to the work force.

The other thing that has become clear is that I should have an online store dedicate to selling peppers, pepper plants and seeds.  Although I have been talking about the Carolina Reaper a lot, we are growing quite a diverse selection.  One I hope to expand next year.

So please do wish me luck.  Who knows, maybe next season I will be offering a pepper you’d like to order.

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