A Blacksmith on the Roof

A.J. Drew taking a break from forging steelWhen forging hand made knives and other steel goods next to an open coal forge, a guy needs a break now and then.  So this blacksmith occasionally takes to the roof of his building at the Kentucky Highland Renaissance Festival.

On hot days this is a very bad idea.  But on the nicer cooler days when the breeze is just right it is absolute heaven up there.  In the first photo you will notice my 10 year old Aubreyahna.  She spent much of the last day of the festival being bright eyed, chipper, and friendly to everyone who walked into the booth.  So much so that I am looking forward to arts and craft festivals with her by my side.

A.J. Drew ringing dinner bell.

A.J. Drew dun wanna work, he just wants to bang on his bell all day.

The easiest item to hawk from on top of the roof are the dinner bells I started making this past year.  Easy to hawk because I ring them and then holler out the many things we have for sale, like dinner bells.  This is one of the things I love about renaissance festivals.  The frolic and atmosphere lets my run off at the mouth, offering things that nobody in their right mind would believe.  Like Free Bier.  If it were more of an adult event, that hawk might be Free Bier and Dancing Girls.  But for now I will stick with Free Bier.

A.J. Drew: "How in the hell do I get down?" Of course blacksmithing and custom knife making is not my only interest.  Her I am contemplating the universe and pondering ancient philosophy set against modern challenges.  That or I am trying to figure out how to get back down off the roof.  The ladder was shorter than the roof, so I had to climb to the top and then lean forward and kind of let gravity take over.  It had not occurred to me that two things would take place before I got back down.  The first being that gravity would refuse to work in reverse.  The second was that on my way up, the singles were not at all warm.  On the way down, they were piping hot.  So while walking and even sitting on them wasn’t all that bad, my bare hands and arms touching them on the way back down was not pleasant.  Oh well, it was worth it as sitting on the roof gives a whole new perspective to things.

Now how to get a forge and anvil up there.

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